Tuesday, July 9, 2013

An update on Joshua

Joshua is doing really well.  He was transferred to Marquette, Michigan last week and is now a district leader.  He's enjoying the cooler temperatures and being a stone's throw from the shore of Lake Superior.  He's also enjoying driving a 2013 Jeep Compass instead of the typical missionary Chevy Malibu.  Not that my son would care about such things.  ;o)

Leaving his previous area of Elkhorn about ripped his heart out.  There were a couple of families with baptismal dates on the horizon that he absolutely adored, and one family in particular that really looked out for him and loved him.  Joshua LOVED the mom so much, and said that he and she both just cried and cried when he went to say goodbye.  He told me often of this family and all that they did to make him feel loved and taken care of.  He promised them he would go back for their temple sealing.  I hope he has that opportunity.

He is really enjoying the new area and says that his ward is a great missionary ward.  There is lots of action there and the members seem to get that it's at least partly their responsibility to keep the missionaries busy.  They have some baptisms coming up and he's really excited about that.

Joshua asks me repeatedly every time he writes to have his family and friends write to him, so here's his address:

Elder Joshua Whicker
612 B Willow Rd #5
Harvey MI 49855

With Elder M just before transfers

With Elder M.  And cows.

With Elder S, the new companion

a wedding #2

The wedding took place in Manti, Utah.  I'd forgotten how beautiful that temple and grounds are.  The last wedding we attended there was a couple of months after our own when some of our high school friends got married.

What?  Playing chicken isn't part of your wedding traditions?  Stinks to be you, doesn't it?

My cute hubby

G and J

My dad and his friend, K

Ethan strutting

My father-in-law and his new bride, Kathy

Curtis' uncle and aunt

All the grandkids - his and hers

Grandkids and kids

Dancing at the reception

a wedding #1

I'm back after a little hiatus.  :o)

My father-in-law got remarried last weekend, so we spent the week prior in Utah.  It was nice to spend some time just relaxing (at least the kids could get away with that!) and being free of our usual responsibilities.  We ate - a lot, went swimming, went four-wheeling, saw a movie, and took a fun side trip to St. George to go to a trampoline park thingamajig.  It was stinking hot the whole time we were there, but we also had some cool rain and thunderstorms.

We got to meet the family of my new step-mother-in-law, and that was pretty fun.  Our kids were thrilled to have yet more cousins to play with and harass.

Here are a few pictures.

Cora, Lily, Curtis and Ethan looking their finest
Great-grandma D

Thalia and Lily

Jonah and Ethan filling water balloons