Monday, February 11, 2013


We've seen a lot of progress over the past week.  Progress on our kitchen, progress toward getting our trip rescheduled, and emotional progress.  I actually went a full day without crying a couple of days ago, so I think that says something!

I miss my mom like crazy and it is SO hard having her gone.  But at the same time, I feel I've been blessed to perceive, at least on some level, just how thin the veil truly is.  I can feel her with me, and I've had some amazing experiences that are too sacred to share here, but that confirm for me that she lives on, that she's happy, and that she's still got a darn good sense of humor!  I talk to her daily, and I believe she can hear me.  I know that she knows what's going on in our lives and that she can be involved, at least to some extent.

I think I mentioned, our trip is rescheduled for February 22nd.  We have everything rebooked, and things are falling neatly into place.  Our biggest obstacle right now is that United Airlines is trying to charge us penalties for rescheduling, even though they told us they wouldn't because the change was due to the death of an immediate family member.  Hopefully we can get all of that sorted out soon.

We were notified that we will be getting a small matching grant, so hopefully that money will be available to offset the increased travel costs if we can't get them to refund those charges.  If they do, we'll use it for our first post-placement visit, which has to take place about 2 1/2 weeks after we return.

Joshua emailed today and is doing great.  I love hearing from him.  He is such a hard-working, fun-loving kid!  I'm so proud of all the great things he is doing.  He really is a wonderful missionary.

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  1. Huge hugs Tana... I know how hard it is and how a day without tears is significant! Love that you can feel your mom. I have have had the same feeling MANY TIMES which continues even a year later.

    As for United... I worked for them. It is standard for you to pay the fee up front and then you get reimbursed. U will need to submit a copy of the death cert for the full refund. Let this be the last of your worries...