Sunday, January 15, 2012

Girls' weekend in Denver!

I had the BEST weekend!!! A few months ago, the sister of my best friend J asked if I would consider meeting them in Denver as a surprise for J's birthday. I've been looking forward to it ever since!

On Friday, I flew to Denver and J came with her sister and mom to the airport to pick up "a package." C, her sister, had told her that she was having some freezer parts shipped and would be picking them up from a courier at the airport. When J saw me on the sidewalk, she jumped out of the car and screamed, "What are you doing here?" I told her I was there to see her, and she said, "No, seriously - is your family picking you up?" I told her that I was spending the weekend with her, and then it started to sink in. It was awesome. :o) She was so surprised, and it was so fun to get to see her after she MOVED AWAY AND LEFT ME SIX MONTHS AGO!

We started with lunch at a falafel restaurant and then spent most of the afternoon at the Butterfly Pavilion. After a little sprucing up at the hotel, we went for a HUGE Ethiopian dinner, for which we had to wait about an hour and a half. The wait was well worth it, and it was the best Ethiopian food I've had anywhere - Ethiopia included.

The next day, we had bagels for breakfast and then headed to the aquarium. Both the Butterfly Pavilion were interesting activities for a vegan, but although I fretted a bit about the circumstances in which the animals found themselves, I did enjoy the opportunity to see such incredible creatures up close. The Butterfly Pavilion, in particular, was just so darn peaceful.

After the aquarium, J and I had lunch at yet another falafel place while her mom and sister napped, and then did a little shopping at IKEA. We got lost at least three times but managed to make our way out a few hours later. ;o) I felt bad that I only had a carry-on because it seriously cramped my shopping style. Still, I got a couple of cute throw rugs and some flower pots and was grateful for the experience.

After IKEA, we all went to see War Horse (animal lovers: be warned!) and then went to Denver's famous vegan/vegetarian restaurant, Watercourse. Our meals were divine, and the desserts (all vegan, were incredible. A giant Samoa cookie? Yes, please!

The end came far too quickly, but I had a blast and can't wait to do it again next year!

Right after J spotted me and jumped out of the car. I love my J!

A luna moth at the Butterfly Pavilion. It was the side of a small plate!

See that split pea stuff on the left? Ah-ma-zing!

We called this guy the "Old Man Fish."

This falafel meal left me feeling like I'd never be able to eat again, but it was so good!

Sweet potato/black bean tacos from Watercourse. Yum.

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