Saturday, January 28, 2012

Gong xi fa cai! Happy New Year!

Tonight we traveled to the city, picked up Teffy from her apartment and went to the Families with Children from China Chinese New Year party. We had a great time, although it wasn't as big a production as it has been in previous years, and a lot of the activities were more geared toward adults. The kids did enjoy participating in a tai chi demo, and the lion dance was cool (I didn't get any decent pictures though, darn it!) It was fun to see the families we only get to see once and year, and we were excited to meet some of the new little ones and find out about more who are on the way. It's crazy to me to think that these families who are just now bringing their children home from China have been waiting FIVE years or more. I'm sure they're beyond grateful that the wait is over.

Loundia and her eggroll

Sofie and HER eggroll

Maizie (who never deviates from veganism) and her orange. ;o)



Teffy and Lily

Joshua and his equally weird friend, E

Curtis and me <3

Curtis and Teffy

Bekele and Ethan

Learning tai chi

Said in my calmest, most peaceful voice: "Opening tai chi."

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