Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sofie's baptism

Tonight my beautiful little Sofie was baptized and confirmed along with her two friends Z and S. All three girls were so sweet, but I was particularly proud of Sofie because she was the only one of the girls who wasn't terrified to be dunked! (There was much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, and ultimately the other two were baptized behind closed curtains, poor things!)

Sofie got her own set of scriptures and a pretty new CTR necklace with her birthstone. She also got a candy bar card from my parents, and 40 bucks from Grandpa W. She's got the money earmarked for more Monster High goodies. ;o)

Sofie has matured so much over the last 6 months and we are so proud of her for making the decision to take upon herself the name of Christ. She has come SUCH a long way since she came to our family, and we're so grateful she's our sweet daughter.

Sofie and Curtis

Sweet Sofie

Sofie's FABULOUS Primary president, my friend C, made this blanket for her

The unwrapping of the candy bar card from grandma and grandpa T

My beautiful mom




Jonah, Creepy Uncle J (just kidding, J!), and Ethan with a mouthful of cookie

Curtis and my mom

OK, he *is* a little creepy

Lily and Ethan

Maizie (in the middle) is a little green with envy, and thus grumpy, over Sofie's new blanket

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