Saturday, July 7, 2012

4th of July

Our 4th of July was lots of fun.  Curtis took the kids to the parade while I stayed home and cooked (don't feel sorry for me - the 30-minute parade of bikes and tractors is far greater punishment!).  We had barbecued veggie kabobs, zombie burgers, cantaloupe, chips, lemonade, and mini banana cream pies for lunch.  After lunch, we headed to the park for the 2nd annual "Niedgefest," put on by our friend Brian Niedge.  It was extra fun this year because my brother-in-law's band, "-j- matter" performed, and that included our son Joshua (guitar) and my sister Jaime (keyboards), as well as our friends Chris (bass) and Dillon (drums).  Jonah's really hoping he can play drums next year.  :o)

We listened to bands all afternoon and evening and stayed for the fireworks show.  Since fireworks were otherwise banned in our town and neighboring communities due to the awful fires, these are the only fireworks we got to see.

Here are some pictures, and there's a video at the bottom!

Jack and one of his favorite buddies

Chris on bass

Dillon, peeking over drums, and Joshua


Jaime on keyboards

Jay and Joshua

Doing a goofy "dance"


More of the dance

And still more!

Running Man Jay

My sweet hubby, Curtis

My cute parents

Jonah, Joshua and Ethan

The dance again!


Lily and a borrowed baby  :o)

Some ladies who were *really* getting into the music  :oD


It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Bekele!

Getting an idea...

She's getting the same idea...

Little closer...


Maizie and the borrowed baby (who belongs to a friend and is so adorable!)

Joshua and me

Lily, practicing for her role on Home Alone 17

Jay, filling in on keyboards for another band

Night shot of Jackson

And a night shot of Cora

Not sure how this got out of order, but this is Jay receiving a brand new acoustic guitar for being such an integral part of setting up the show.  Pretty awesome.  

These last few are all out of order, but this is Chris and Jaime

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