Sunday, July 22, 2012

New pictures and info!

I got a few teaser pictures with a promise of more to come.  Thalia looks so beautiful and happy!  And as great as the pictures are, the information is even more priceless because it helps us better understand her abilities and personality.  We can't get her home soon enough!

Here is what one of the women who met Thalia had to say about her:

I can't say with absolute certainty that I heard her speak but that could be because we were strangers and in an overwhelming environment. I speak a little Chinese so to get her smiling and comfortable I would take a picture of her, show her, and ask "who's that?" in Chinese. Then she'd get this precious little smile on her face and point to her chest. After the first few times, she got really happy and silly and was very animated for the camera. I think she may have said something while pointing to my sunglasses. I took them off my head and held them out to her and she very distinctly nodded and smiled. Like I said though, I can't be sure if what I heard was a word or more along the lines of baby babble. She was a very effective gestural communicator though and really shone once she was further away from a big group. 

I remember my sister M's adoption profile describe her as a very quiet introvert. But after maybe a day of being outside the hectic orphanage setting, she transformed into this wild, cackling, chatty girl. Song Guo reminded me of her in that sense. She was incredibly charming and animated- overall, I thought, a very bright, happy little girl.

As for her size, my mom and I were shocked to find out she was 7. She is tiny! My guess would have been 4 or 5. But my mom says she came across as being "sturdy" as all the Bao An girls appeared to be. You can see in the group picture where she stands with everyone else. 

Here are the pictures!  I will add the others as soon as we get them.


  1. oh adorable AND her environment looks fantastic! Praise God!!!