Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Joshua's email - 1/2/13

Since the libraries were closed the last two days, Joshua had his p-day today.  I was so happy to hear from him!  He sounds like he's doing great.  :o)  I love the goofy pictures!

This will be short-ish, because we only have 30 minutes to email today. We were really busy this week and the library was closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Last week, we did quite a bit of tracting.  We're slowly moving into kind of a finding stage, but that's okay.  We've already got a few new investigators, so that's good!  We started teaching one of our potential investigators that we found when I first got here.  Hopefully something good will come from that.  His name's B.  He's a really nice guy from  Nigeria.  He's Catholic, but he's very open when it comes to religion, and he has lots of questions.  We gave him a Book of Mormon, and we're continuing to meet with him.

K was supposed to be baptized last Saturday, but he found out late that he had to leave town for the weekend.  We're actually okay with this, because it made it so we wouldn't be so rushed to get him ready for his baptism.  We had time to re-emphasize and reteach lessons that we felt would be necessary.  K is coming along really well though, and we just have one more lesson (which we're teaching him tonight) before he'll be ready for baptism.  Tomorrow we'll organize and schedule his baptismal service! That should be exciting.

Our ward mission leader Brother N, and his wife are EXTREMELY helpful.  We're very convinced that they are angels delivered from  Heaven to aid in the missionary efforts of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.  They've been helping us out a lot lately, as Elder G and I have been really emphasizing getting the members to help in the missionary efforts here.  We've decided that we're going to start sharing with families exactly how they can help with missionary work, and even teach them some of the fundamentals that we're taught as full-time missionaries. That should be good, and hopefully we can find some people to teach and help them receive the gospel!

Sunday, we got asked to teach the lesson for Gospel Principles class.  This is probably the fourth or fifth lesson we've had to teach without sufficient time to prepare, but they always seem to go really well.  My mission/my companion has taught me a TON about how to be an effective, confident teacher, which is something I never thought possible for myself.  I know it's because of my increasing faith in Christ that I'm able to help teach others without nervousness or feelings of doubt!  Moroni 7:33!  I have a strong testimony of that scripture!

Yesterday we had another district meeting, which turned out really well.  Elder G is a really good teacher, and he helped me set a lot of goals for myself.  He's really helped uplift our district a lot as we are all in finding stages at this point, which can be tough sometimes.  Many of the elders in our district constantly compliment him on his trainings, and I feel he has done a really good job at helping everyone to refocus and set and work towards new goals.  It's weird thinking that I've been companions with Elder G. for almost three months!!!!!!!! Next week is our last New Missionary Training (which I'm looking forward to!) and then the week after that I'll have a new companion! CRAZY!  I don't even know what's going to happen, but I'm excited to find out!

Anyway, that's about all from this week.  I actually just got back from exchanges in Baraboo, WI with Elder L (from Germany - very cool kid), who taught me a lot about serving others and putting the Lord, and others, before yourself.  I'll leave a scripture for everyone to ponder over! Mosiah 2:17!

Love you all!

Elder Whicker

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