Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Professor Buttons, aka Aristotle, aka Beef Jerky, aka Big Mama

Curtis and I have been on the lookout for a second cat for a while now.  We had a pretty big list of wants in a cat: declawed (not by us - we didn't want the guilt of it!), female, small, young, and very affectionate.  We had a good possibility come up last week, but that cat ended up going to another family.  We've looked at a few others, but they none of them were very good fits for one reason or another.  Yesterday, though, my dad helped a family move who had a cat they needed to give away.  He told us how amazing the cat was, so we asked him to bring it to us, sight unseen.  HE is not a she, he's HUGE, and he's not declawed.  But he is stunningly beautiful, 3 years old, and the most affectionate cat I've ever had.  He loves to have his tummy rubbed like a dog.  He's absolutely perfect for us!

He seems to be a British Blue, although I'm sure he's not a purebred.  He looks like a lion when he walks.  He's really something to behold.  Now if we could just come up with a name!  We're not overly fond of "Professor Buttons," which is the name he came with.  The other names in the post title are ones that our kids are trying to foist upon him.  ;o)  I don't really know if it's OK to change a cat's name, but I'd love something less cutesy.  Frankly, I think "Grey" is nice.

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  1. How about Sterling? He is really a beautiful boy, isn't he?