Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekly menu

I was in Billings all day yesterday, so Curtis picked up my baskets and texted me the following list.  See if you can spot the unusual item (and no, it's not the girbongs!).

10 small oranges
12 large oranges
4 grapefruit
5 girbongs
1 lemon
2 lime
14 bananas
4 kiwi
8 Asian pears
16 small red apples
5 green apples
2 fat tomatoes
2 containers cherry tomatoes
2 bags of small hot peppers
1 ginger root
10 avocados
18 carrots
2 celery
3 cucumbers
2 red beets
4 onions
2 bags green onions
1 bag spinach
2 head lettuce
4 bunches kale
2 butternut squash
1 human head (shrunken)

You may notice that I changed the look of the menu a bit.  This is because I don't have Word on my new MacBook Pro, so I made a new version with Pages.  :o)

I'm not posting recipes this week in an effort to simplify my life as we get ready to go to China.  I'm making doubles of Wednesday and Thursday nights' meals so I can freeze the extra while we're gone.  I'll do the same thing next week with two more meals.  

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