Monday, May 20, 2013

Last week

I haven't written anything of any substance in a long time.  I feel badly because this is supposed to serve as something of a journal for me, but we have just been so busy!  Over the next two weeks we have graduation and Zoe's and her friend Q's open house, Jack and Cora's baptism, a dance recital, and Thalia's sealing/my birthday.  We get a short break and then we'll be traveling to Utah for my father-in-law's wedding.  It will be a wonderful time, but I'm looking forward to spending the rest of the summer playing, relaxing, and doing some sumer school.  The only formal activities we have going on are baseball, gymnastics and piano.

Anyway, last week was pretty fun and eventful.  Here are some photos.

Joshua with Elder Church, who is also from our town.  He'll be coming back in August.

Joshua's Mother's Day gift to me, which I LOVE!

Cora at her school play

Maizie with her top braces on.  Bottoms come on Tuesday.

Maizie playing the bells at her 5th grade band concert.

Jack finally got to go out for his birthday dinner with us.  I was sick the previous week.

Part of Curtis' new Billings office.  Almost ready to open!
Ethan playing Big Timber in Billings

Screen shots from our Mother's Day Skype call with Joshua

Love that boy!

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