Thursday, March 27, 2014

An update on Joshua, and a current address

I feel badly that I haven't been posting more information about Joshua.  I feel torn between wanting to share what he's up to and wanting to protect his privacy and that of the people he's working with.  I never use the names of his companions or the individuals/families in his life, but I still sometimes worry that someone might be able to recognize themselves in what is said and not feel comfortable with it.  In any case, I don't think I have shared that Joshua has been working as an assistant to the president for the last couple of months.  His companion is Elder B, who is from England, and Joshua says that everyone gets a kick out of the accent.  ;)  He misses being able to teach as much as he used to, but they've had some amazing teaching experiences in the last couple of weeks.  They have an investigator who has committed to be baptized but is really struggling with her family (who does not want her to be baptized).  Joshua says she is absolutely amazing and that she is always teaching others about the gospel even though she's not yet baptized herself.  She could really use our prayers for help finding peace with her family.  Also, his dear friend J who was baptized last year was able to receive the Melchizedek priesthood and is planning to go on a mission late this year.  He is so excited for his friend!

If you'd like to write a letter to Joshua, it can go directly to the mission office:

Elder Whicker
7111 W Edgerton Ave Ste 100
Greenfield WI 53220

Elder B and Elder Whicker

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