Monday, March 10, 2014

Joshua's update - week 72

This week was NUTS!

A few days ago we went to a member's house to have dinner.  The YSA sisters were there, but they were on exchanges, so there was Sister Z (who is normally there) and Sister W (who served here a while ago).  Right before they showed up to dinner, Sister W and Sister Z were on the corner of a street waiting for a bus.  Then out of nowhere, this kid ran up and punched Sister W right in the face!!!! Her nose was pouring blood and everything!!! What the heck!!!

As for missionary work, we had some cool experiences this week.  We actually had time to do some work this week! Woohoo!  So we went and contacted some people on campus at UW Milwaukee.  We talked to some cool people, but we were only able to set up a return appointment with one person.  It was a girl named J and she said she would read the first 50 pages of the Book of Mormon in 2 days... We were like... uhh okay!  So we set up an appointment to meet her on campus at 3:00pm on Saturday.

So Saturday came and we went to the meeting spot and waited for 10 minutes and she didn't show up.  So we called her and she didn't answer!  Dang it!  Well it turns out that was exactly where we were supposed to be, because an older couple came up to us and talked to us for a minute and then they went down a few flights of stairs to go back outside.  They had come to see a concert that was scheduled for 3:00pm.  They had just realized that it wasn't until SUNDAY, so they accidentally came a day early. Haha!

So we just sat there for a minute after they left and we were like... Dang... I wish we could have talked to them more..  Next thing we know, they're 3 flights of stairs below us, yelling up at us, "HEY!!! Do you guys want to get a bite to eat???!"

I looked at Elder B  He looked at me.  I looked back at them. I looked at Elder B and then back at them... "Uhhhh Yeah!!!"

We ran down the stairs like giddy little girls and they took us to the cafeteria and bought us some food.  We sat and they asked us questions for 1.5 hours about the Book of Mormon, so we taught them what it was about, and they were LOVIN' it!!!!  They're active [in another faith] (they were actually just about to [attend services]) and the husband, T, expressed to us that he's been concerned that he doesn't know the Bible as well as he'd hoped.  He told us that he'd been told by members of his church NOT to study the Bible personally, so he started studying it anyway and he's been noticing things he feels don't add up.  So we talked to him about the Book of Mormon and about the Apostasy and things like that and it was awesome!  They were so nice to us and they asked for a copy of the Book of Mormon!  I gave them one with our names and phone number and a link to the Bible videos on (T told us how much he loves watching Bible videos).  It was so legit!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, we went to campus another day and we were contacting some people.  It was pretty cold outside so we decided to text our investigator C to see if she was at school so we could go teach her.  We walked in the doors of the Union and guess who was standing 20 feet in front of us, teaching a Muslim guy about the Book of Mormon!!!


She's so LEGIT!  So we were able to talk to her for a while after she finished TEACHING this guy about the Book of Mormon and the true nature of God!  She had lots of questions and she told us that she felt the Spirit WAY strong when she read 2 Nephi 4!  WOOHOO!!!  She's got a study journal now and she writes TONS of notes!  She's on FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, that was pretty much our week! I gotta go but I love you all and I'll talk to you next week!

Elder Josh Whicker

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