Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New pictures and video!

Today is an exciting day!  We got updated information, measurements, pictures and video on Thalia.  It definitely helps make the waiting a little easier.  :o)  You can hear her vocalizing a little in the video, and of course the speech pathologist in me is watching for her to combine those vocalizations with gestures (which she does) and to see whether she's using them meaningfully (which she is).  I wish the person behind the camera would have interacted with her more, but from the information that came, we know that she doesn't really use words, but understands a lot of what is said to her.  They also told her that she likes to listen to music and has a good sense of rhythm, that she is outgoing and active, that she likes to play with dolls and that they think she will adjust easily to a new family (I know - what else would they say?)

I forgot to record this, but a few weeks ago, Curtis gave me a blessing.  It was just as the kids were starting school, and I was feeling overwhelmed with quite a few things.  Interestingly, the blessing focused on Thalia.  I was told that she was in good hands and being well cared for, and that she would be an incredible blessing to our family.  I was promised that her transition into our family would be a smooth one and that she would be free of some of the troubles that some of our other kids have struggled with, and that our family would be richly blessed because of following the prompting we received to make her ours.  I wasn't expecting any of that, so it was a wonderful surprise.  I love knowing that the transition will be a smooth one.  What a gift!

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