Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekly menu

Here's our basket list for this week.  I decided to indicate which meals each item is intended for.  In addition to this week's meals, I'll be making a small batch of salsa verde with the tomatillos we got.  I will probably also make banana bread since I have some senior citizen bananas.  :o)

Tomatoes - salad
Spinach - casserole
English cucumbers - salad
Avocados – fajitas, salad
Cucumbers - lunches
Tomatillos - salsa
Cilantro - will give to my mom
Broccoli – lunch, potato bar
Romaine lettuce - salad
Green leaf lettuce - salad
Red bell peppers - fajitas
limes - salsa
gala apples - lunches
granny smith apples - lunches
fuji apples - lunches
pears – (poached, with casserole)
bananas – lunches, snacks
strawberries – fajita meal
plums - snacks
grapes – potato bar meal, lunches
potatoes – pot pie, potato bar
Zucchini – pot pie
jalapenos - salsa
garlic onion

And here's are a few things we have left from last week:
sweet potatoes - lunches
watermelon – salad bar meal

I'm going to cobble together my own pot pie recipe using frozen pie crusts (most of them are vegan) and throwing some veggies, seasonings and flour into some veggie broth for the filling.

Squash and spinach mac casserole

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