Saturday, October 13, 2012

weekly menu

Today I thought I'd get all crazy and post the menu first, and then the recipes, and THEN the produce list.  Wild, huh?  I like to keep you guessing.  ;o)

Stuffed mochi - I'm baking plain mochi in the oven until it puffs, and then stuffing them with the veganized copycat version of PF Chang's lettuce wrap filling.  I'll use Yves meatless crumbles instead of chicken.

Stir fry - this will be whatever my husband cobbles together on his night to cook!

Soup - I'm undecided about what kind it will be except that I know it will have zucchini.  I picked up some Field Roast vegan smoked apple sage sausage, so I will probably make this Martha Stewart recipe and add zucchini  

Roasted root vegetable salad with maple balsamic dressing  - I'll be using beets (which I hate - the things I do for my husband!), carrots, potatoes and onions, serving it over our leafy greens and topping with toasted walnuts and pomegranate arils.

Hazelnut-quinoa stuffed acorn squash - I'll be adding spinach (I have frozen spinach in abundance) and topping with a mixture of ground pine nuts, nutritional yeast and salt instead of parmesan cheese.

I'm also hoping to make a key lime pie with a bunch of the key limes we have left from last week.  There's one in Vegetarian Times that looks really yummy.  

Here's our gargantuan produce list.  There is lots extra today because I ordered two Asian veggie packs and 5 pumpkins (and five loaves of bread).  We'll be hollowing out the pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns and freezing the guts for future recipes.  

napa cabbage – stir fry
bok choy – stir fry
water chestnuts stuffed mochi
green onions – stuffed mochi
onion – stir fry, root veg salad
ginger – root veg salad
snow peas – stuffed mocha side
celery – school lunches
green leaf lettuce – root veg salad
multicolored carrots – root veg salad
beets – root veg salad
gold bell peppers – stir fry
roma tomatoes on the vine - pizza
acorn squash (both baskets)
potatoes – root veg salad
radishes – give to friend
zucchini - soup
grapes – school lunches
gala apples – school lunches
pluots – school lunches
bananas – school lunches, snacks
pomegranates – root veg salad
red pears – root veg salad side, school lunches
avocados (not ripe)
pineapple (not ripe)
lemons – stuffed mochi

mushrooms – stuffed mochi
blackberries – stuffed mochi side
raspberries – stuffed mochi side
strawberries – stuffed mocha side
sugar snap peas – school lunches
watermelon - soup side, school lunches
bosch pears – school lunches, snacks
apple pears – school lunches, snacks
plums – school lunches
key limes - key lime pie
grapefruit - snacks
oranges  - snacks

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