Monday, November 19, 2012

Joshua's email 11/19

How's it going everyone?  This week has been pretty great!  Elder G and I were realllllllllly busy!  Last Monday we had a "prime proselyting day," and so we had P-Day on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, we had to clean our apartment because Elder and Sister S were coming to inspect our apartment.  We're pretty lucky because the members here are really nice and always give us lots of food.  So our fridge is STOCKED.  But we had been noticing that our apartment really smells bad, and so we decided we should wash the sink full of dishes and clean the bathroom, kitchen and fridge.  We finally realized why our apartment smells so bad!  The fridge is full of food from missionaries who have lived here previously, even as long as a year ago.  We've had half a watermelon in the back of our fridge for about a month now, so I told Elder G. that we should probably take it out.  He tried pulling it out, and his fingers went right through the watermelon..........  We had to use a couple spatulas to get it out, because it was SO moldy and squishy, and we had never even realized it!  It took a while, because the watermelon collapsed and the juice poured all over the bottom shelf of the fridge.  It took us a while to take it out and put it into our garbage.  We also found a package of meat from about 6 months ago that was green and blue.  And a package of apples that looked like raisins.  So we threw away all of the old food, among other things that we found, and the foul odor was gone!

Later that day, we had a District Training Meeting and afterwards, Elder G. and I had some return appointments with some potential investigators.  Those went well, and while we were there, we helped another couple move some things into their apartment, so we now have another potential investigator.  We're definitely staying busy with all of our potential investigators, and we've got a few that seem promising.

On Thursday, we had New Missionary Training for missionaries 1-6 weeks. Elder G. and I had to prepare to give a teaching on a fundamental taught in Preach My Gospel.  Our teaching lasted 40 minutes.  I was NOT looking forward to having to stand in front of 30 of the "best" missionaries (according to the APs) in Wisconsin, the APs, and President and Sister Jones.  Elder G. and I practiced and prepared a lot a few days before we had to go to the meeting, so we were feeling okay about it.  We were the only trainer/new missionary companionship that had to teach that day, at the very end of the 6 hour meeting.  We got up and I was a little nervous, but I was feeling okay.  Elder G. is usually extremely calm when we teach, and usually I'm the one that occasionally gets nervous, but in his words, he "blanked out."  I remained calm and taught really well in front of everyone and everything went smoothly, except that Elder G. just seemed like he was in another world, haha.  I didn't realize what he was doing, so I just continued to teach the way we practiced, and as directed by the Holy Ghost.  Everything went well and I was glad to be done with it, but I was really surprised to hear from Elder G. that he blanked out because he was so nervous, haha!  We were really glad to be able to see our friends, and my MTC district.  Elder K finally got here, and he's doing really well.  He got a companion named Elder M, who is HILARIOUS.  Imagine Jacob Y.  He's a lot like him, but possibly even crazier, hahaha!

Friday was scary.  Elder G. either passed out or had a seizure, I'm not sure what happened to him.  We were studying in the morning, and he got up from his chair and walked across the room and fell into the corner.  He didn't just fall, but he DROPPED.  I turned and looked at him, and his face was looking right at me, but he started shaking for a couple seconds.  I yelled, ELDER G!  and he stopped shaking, and looked at me, and he was like, "what am I doing on the floor?"  He didn't even realize that he had gotten up and that he had fallen.  It was really scary, but he says that it happens to him sometimes when he gets lightheaded.  Later that day, he had fallen asleep in his chair while we were weekly planning and I was making phone calls.  He was asleep for literally 20 seconds, and when he woke up, he yelled, "WHY IS IT SO QUIET IN HERE!".........  I just looked at him confused.  He asked how long he was asleep because he had thought he was asleep for five hours.  I think my companion is mentally unstable.  Haha, I think he's okay now, but there was definitely "some sketch goin' on."

Saturday we had exchanges.  I was with Elder W from Beaver Dam.  He's from Virginia.  He likes nascar and rodeo.... haha.  We had a great time and we worked really hard and got a TON of work done.  Elder G. was glad to come back to Sun Prairie and see all the work we were able to do.  We invited T and her family to come to church, and they ended up coming.  T's 11-year old son started reading the Book of Mormon.  He's in 1 Nephi 3, so I talked with their family about how we can all relate to the things that Nephi and Lehi taught.  We can all relate to their stories as they talk about the problems their family had and how they overcame those problems and how Nephi would strive to always keep the commandments of God.  Heavenly Father asks us to do hard things sometimes, but He won't ask us to do something that we have no way of accomplishing.  He always blesses us for doing His will, and we grow from those challenges.  Our muscles get stronger from doing hard work, they won't grow if we let them relax all the time or do the same thing every day.  The same goes for our faith in Christ.  It can only grow if we exercise it and act on our faith.  If we put it in a sling, it's gonna be weak and wimpy.  Don't be a pansy!  Be strong and God will help you if you seek His help.

Sunday was really good.  We had talks and "Thanktimonies" in sacrament meeting about gratitude, and being thankful for the things Heavenly Father has given us.  I decided to make it my goal to say a prayer thanking Heavenly Father for everything I've been given at least once a day.  In Elders quorum, we talked about Christlike attributes, charity, love, and kindness.  The guy who taught the lesson made it really relate to all of us, and it was probably the best lesson I've heard in church for a long time.  I feel like I'm getting better at loving the people that we come in contact with as missionaries, just as our Heavenly Father loves us.  I'm working hard at loving all of God's children, because we're all brothers and sisters. I love my family and I know I'm blessed to have them.  I working hard to have that same love that Heavenly Father has for us! And I invite you to do the same.

Elder Whicker

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