Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekly menu

Last week, I didn't bother to post a menu because it seemed pointless with Thanksgiving coming up.  To be honest, we ate pretty junky stuff because I was putting so much effort into getting ready for Thanksgiving that we didn't have time for much else.  We ate out one night and had stuff like Boca chick'n patties and nachos on the other nights.

Since there was no Bountiful Baskets on Saturday due to the holiday, we're really lacking for produce this week.  I do have quite a bit of fruit left, but virtually no fresh veggies.  In spite of that, I've vowed that I will make do and not go grocery shopping this week, other than to buy TP and fabric softener, which we are nearly out of.  Thankfully I have some frozen veggies from previous weeks which I'll be using in our dinners, but there isn't much of the veggie variety for our lunches.  We'll live.  ;o)

BBQ "pork" sandwiches (slow cooker)
Spinach and mushroom pasta - I have no recipe for this, but I plan to sauté some mushrooms, frozen spinach and garlic, add it to prepared pasta, top with Daiya Havarti-style jalapeño-garlic cheese (the BEST vegan cheese ever!) and bake it.
6-layer tostadas - tostada shells topped with refried beans, Yves soy crumbles made with taco seasoning, lettuce, tomato, Spanish rice, guacamole, cheese, etc.  I guess the number of layers will vary.  ;o)
Potato bar - baked potatoes topped with chili, broccoli, French-fried onions, tomatoes, cheese, etc.
Barley bean burritos (This is an old recipe of mine, and the only thing we do differently is use veggie broth instead of chicken, and use vegan cheese)

Friday is our date night and I don't know what we're fixing for the kids yet.

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