Thursday, December 27, 2012

Article 5 pick-up and Russian adoption news

Today we got an email from the consulate in Guangzhou saying that our Article 5 is ready for pick-up. This took about a week longer than it should have, and basically eliminates the possibility of our traveling before our agency's Hague accreditation expires.  I'm sad about that, but trying to have faith that getting transferred to a new agency will go smoothly and not slow us down or cost us more money.  Barring any major unforeseen issues, our daughter WILL be coming home.  My heart is heavy for all the families being affected by the Russian adoption program closure.  We have several close friends who are in the middle of Russian adoptions of kids with Down syndrome, and most of these families have already made at least one trip and have met their children.  I can't imagine the heartache they are experiencing now.  It's so tragic that President Putin would choose to put his ego above the lives of innocent children.  There is already too little room and too few resources for the existing orphan population, and now that there will be no children leaving, things will only get worse.  (Also included in the bill he's to sign is a stipulation that would eliminate assistive funding from American NGOs, so there will be less money for many more children.)  These orphanages are not good places now.  I can't even bear to think of what they'll be like in a year's time.

We are fasting and praying for a miracle.  I hope you'll join us.

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