Monday, April 22, 2013

Joshua's email - 4/22/13

DANG! Time flies!!!!!!  This week went by crazy fast!!

Elder M and I have been working HARD! We're trying to find new investigators so we're working with members, and we've been doing some tracting, and contacting potentials.  We've got a few people that seem pretty promising that we're trying to work with, so that's exciting!!

We're still working with A!!! We had a lesson with her last week and it was actually one of the best lessons we've had in a while!!  She read 12 chapters of the Book of Mormon a couple nights prior to our lesson and she LOVED  Lehi's Tree of Life vision!!!!!  We talked all about that and about how she's been feeling the Spirit SO STRONG when she reads the Book of Mormon.  We invited her to come to church, and she said she works on Sundays.  So we talked to her about how Heavenly Father blesses us with miracles when we show our faith.  We shared 1 Nephi 3:7 and talked about all the difficult things Nephi and his family were asked to do, but how Heavenly Father helped them to be able to work through those difficult times and challenges.  She liked that a lot! So she's planning on talking with her boss to see if she can get Sundays off so she can come to church!! WOOHOO!!

I had a ridiculously awesome exchange with a missionary by the name of Elder L this week!  He's been out 19 months and he's been a Zone Leader more than half of his mission.  He taught me A TON!!!!!!!!!!!  The funny thing is that I google searched "Wisconsin Milwaukee mission" before I came out, and I found a video on youtube of two missionaries playing and singing a song about P-Day on Youtube.  When I came out, I asked my trainer, Elder G, if there was a missionary named Elder L in the field, and he said, "yes, but it's probably not the same one."..... So the other day when I was on exchanges with Elder L, I asked, "So, this might be a really weird question.... but did you ever record a video of you and your companion playing and singing a song about P-day?"  His eyes widened and he exclaimed, "YOU SAW THAT?!?!?!?"   HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It made his day to hear that I had seen that video! So that was pretty cool.  He turned out to be an incredible missionary and I learned so much from him!! I enjoyed that exchange more than any other exchange I've been on!

Anyway I love you ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Also, I keep forgetting to mention that I think the youth of the ward (and anyone else who would like to) should make profiles!!!!!!!!!!!!  Everyone in Utah has 'em! All the cool kids are doin' it!!!!  Write me and hopefully I'll see you guys on sometime soon!!!! Yay!


Elder Whicker!!!

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