Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Are you missing a daughter?

This little girl is 12 years old and is still waiting for a family. She lives in China with her foster family, and has a repaired cleft palate. She is also a Thalassemia carrier (which only means that she'll need to have genetic counseling with her fiancé when she is older to be sure he is not also a carrier.)

She has foster siblings who've already been adopted in the US, and she is still in contact with them. She wants very much to have a family of her own, and her foster family is hopeful that she will also be adopted soon. Because of her age, she does not have much time left.

Currently she is listed as "Gemma" at Lifeline (scroll down).

With her foster mom
Please, please, think about who you know who might be interested. Examine your hearts to see if you might be her family. If you're not, please spread the word about Miss Gemma. She deserves a family of her own. :o)

I have Gemma's file and lots more information about her. I am a speech pathologist and my husband is an audiologist, so we can help you understand what to expect about her speech and hearing issues and answer your questions. Please leave a comment if you'd like me to email you her file, and again, please spread the word!!!

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