Thursday, March 1, 2012

Three surprises in the mail today

Today was a good day on the paperchase front. The mail yielded our corrected financial letter and our passports, so the only dossier document I'm now waiting on is our homestudy.

Later, the FedEx guy brought surprise number three: a 5-pound box of Haribo gummy frogs! It wouldn't have been such a surprise if I had actually ordered and paid for said frogs, but they were shipped to me by mistake. I was thoroughly confused for a while! I contacted Amazon, but the tracking number and order number couldn't be traced back to any particular order, so the customer service rep told me to keep them. Since they're made with gelatin, I think I'll donate them to the food bank. Why couldn't they have mistakenly shipped up licorice or some other vegan candy? ;o)

I can't help thinking that there's some cupcake baker out there about to have a coronary because her frogs didn't arrive in time for little Joey's froggy birthday cupcakes. I've witnessed my sister (also a baker) similarly freak over missing fondant or decorative doodads. ;o)

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