Saturday, March 17, 2012

Weekly menu

Here's our oh-so-exciting menu for the week! Since our Bountiful Baskets today were chock full of all manner of lettuce and cabbage, they're playing a big role this week (soup, Chinese salad, taco salad). We ended up with a boatload of potatoes too, so they're showing up in the soup and a potato bar later in the week. We'll also be trying canary melon for the first time ever. I hope I like it. I'm not a big melon fan.

In addition to our baskets, we got a Mexican pack add-on which I used to make salsa verde (blazing hot salsa verde, I might add), plus sourdough bread, and the hugest, most amazing tortillas like they serve at Q'Doba. I can't wait to eat them tomorrow!

The kids will be having pancakes for dinner this Tuesday since Curtis and I will be going to see Jim Gaffigan for our 21st anniversary. My sister and her husband are going, too. We're so excited!

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