Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Shoot me now...

As I said a while back, we're planning a few fund-raising activities to help pay for our adoption expenses, and one of those is selling our homeschool materials. I stupidly thought that this was something I could get ready for over a weekend, but it's now Wednesday and I've got at least another two days ahead of me. I knew we had a lot of stuff, but holy smokes! We have a LOT of stuff!

We used Sonlight as our main curriculum, with lots of other things to supplement. I still love Sonlight, and homeschooling in general, and I admit I've been a little emotional seeing all these books that hold so many memories. Reading through old reports and looking through art projects pulls at my heartstrings, too. :o( But I'm also proud of my kids for making so much progress, and grateful for the time that I got to be involved in such a significant part of their lives. I don't know if our homeschooling days are over for good (I suspect we will homeschool Song Guo, at least in the beginning), but they sure were wonderful while they lasted.

I'm hoping that tomorrow I can finish up getting everything sorted into cores and like items, and then Friday I hope to inventory everything and make up a temporary blog where I will list everything for sale. We're trusting that this will make a bit of a dent in our expenses. Our next big-ticket costs are about $1000 for our I800A and fingerprinting, and $5500 for the remainder of our China fees when our dossier goes to China in the next 2-3 months. After that, we have some time to scrape together the rest of the funds, which we won't need until time to travel. Wish us luck!

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