Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cora's 7th birthday

Our little Cora turned 7 on Friday. We celebrated by going to Billings for the day to have lunch together and run a few errands. It was a wonderful day in spite of the fact that we got rear-ended shortly after we arrived. Argh! Even though the accident was an inconvenience (no one was hurt, including the driver of the other car) and did a number on our van's bumper, we are considering it a blessing since the van is still fully operational and the insurance money can go straight into our adoption fund. :o) We have some friends who are also adopting a child with Down syndrome, and they got into an accident recently too. When I said that we were going to put the money toward our adoption, they decided they might do the same thing. Funny how these things work.

Cora requested "taquitos and broccoli" for her birthday meal today, but I talked her into altering her proposed menu just slightly. ;o) We had taquitos, lime rice, and super yummy black beans. We were supposed to have strawberries and blueberries, too, but we forgot to eat them. It's just as well because we were completely stuffed. We haven't even eaten Cora's birthday cake yet. I guess we'll be having a healthy dinner of cake.

Here are some pictures of Cora and her loot. She was SO happy with everything she got. She is such a sweet, quirky, endearing kid. Every year on her birthday I think about the emergency room doctor who examined her when she was being escorted home from Haiti by our friends. (A flight attendant had kicked them off their connecting flight because Cora was crying with an ear infection and he thought she was deathly ill. I'm still bitter about it.) Anyway, this doctor asked our friends if we knew that the baby they were bringing to us was "mentally retarded." He made this determination based on her nystagmus (a feature of her albinism and nothing to do with cognition) and because she had pretty serious orphanage delays. I wish he could see her now. Other than being legally blind, there is absolutely nothing "deficient" about the bundle of sweetness and enthusiasm that is Cora. Humph.

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