Thursday, April 5, 2012

USCIS happiness :o)

Yesterday I was FINALLY able to mail our I-800A to Texas. It was such a relief! I've been a little worried, though, about the fact that the fingerprinting appointments are now handled by a central office, rather than the local USCIS offices. I was sure they'd send us a morning appointment time, not realizing that it takes us 6 hours to get there. We did not want to have to stay overnight, and we also didn't want to have to wait to reschedule the appointment once we got it. I decided to write a letter to our "local" office to alert them that we had mailed our application, but that the appointment time was going to be an issue for us. Today (the next day!) I got a phone call from our office. The man I spoke with gave me his phone number (anyone who's ever dealt with USCIS knows that's huge!) and said that he wants us to call as soon as we get our appointment notice, and he'll change it for us. He said we could come pretty much any time we want to. I am so excited about this because it will avoid our having to stay overnight, ensure we can go at a convenient time, and most importantly, it will shave a couple of weeks off our wait time. Bonus!

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  1. Congratulations on getting this out! It's a huge step and also about the fingerprinting appts! You're getting there! xo