Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kitchen progress

For those who were readers of my old blog, you can celebrate with me that as of today, we have an island!

For everyone else, we have had a very rocky kitchen remodeling saga that started in February 2009. We decided to remodel our tiny, carpeted(!) kitchen way back in the fall of 2008, and waited patiently until the contractor we wanted to use was available to start. He was/is a friend of ours, and although people continually warn against doing business with friends, we figured we would be OK. Things got off to a good start with lots of major stuff done - a bathroom relocated to the coat closet to make room for a laundry room, walls knocked down and moved, miles of wallpaper stripped, and the new laundry room finished. Then things came to a stall, and there were several stops and starts over the next couple of years for various reasons. It has been very hard on us to have a partially finished kitchen for all this time, but because our contractor is our friend, we've tried to be patient and trust that it would all work out eventually. We've had our appliances, countertops, many of the cabinets, and most of the other materials (lighting, tile, etc.) stored in our garage and basement for more than 2 years, so the kitchen has been paid for all that time but just not "assembled." There have been times when I've thought it would never get done, but we got some good work done over the weekend. He's going to come back in two weeks and do some more. I can't wait!

With the help of our missionaries, our oldest son and his friend, Curtis, and my brother-in-law, we managed to get the island countertop into place late last night. It weighs around 800 pounds, so it was no small feat! The island has to be stained and sealed, and the doors and drawers have to be put on/in, but I'm giddy over just having some workspace now! It's going to be beautiful. :o)

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