Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekly menu

This week's Bountiful Baskets bevy (say that ten times fast) was even better than usual.  A, for the first time in forever, we didn't get lettuce - very exciting, and B, we got lots of yummy produce and extras.  Here's what I have to work with this week:

Tomatoes: 15
Small apples: 3 bags
Mini watermelons: 3
Bananas: 17
Coconuts: 2
Mangos: 5
Key limes: 17
Kiwi: 24 (12 are from last week)
Plantains: 2
Mini pineapple: 5
Strawberries: 11 quarts
Vanilla beans 2
Sugar cane strips 2

Beets and greens: 5
Broccoli: 12 stalks
Cauliflower: 3 heads
Green beans: 3 bags
Mint: 2 bags
Avocados: 3 (from last week)

And 2 packages of flour and corn tortillas

As you can see, I got a boatload of strawberries so I could make jam.  I don't can, but I make mean freezer jam.  ;o)  Since we got vanilla beans in this basket, I was inspired to switch things up a little bit and make this recipe:

Strawberry-vanilla bean freezer jam

As for the rest of the week, there's some easy stuff and some harder stuff.  I won't post the Haitian recipes for tomorrow unless someone really wants them because I do it from memory.  The sauce for the seitan is mostly tomato sauce with some citrus (orange and lime), garlic, cloves, onion, red pepper flakes and a little vinegar.  The beans and rice have kidney beans fried with bell peppers, cloves, salt and garlic in a little oil, and the bean mixture is mixed with coconut rice.  The plantains are fried once, flattened, fried a second time and then sprinkled with salt.

Tempeh sloppy joes are super easy and yummy.  I steam my tempeh to get rid of the bitterness (about 10 minutes), and then crumble it into a crockpot.  I add a couple of jars of chili sauce and a couple of diced bell peppers and cook it on low for 4-6 hours.  When it's dinner time, we ladle the sloppy joe mixture onto buns and serve.

Our falafels on Thursday will come from a boxed mixture, just because I don't have time to make all this stuff on a weekday.  The boxed kind we buy is actually REALLY good.  I can't recall the brand name, but it's sold in the Jewish section of our grocery store.  My tzatiki sauce will use strained plain, unsweetened soy yogurt, and a bunch of the fresh mint that came in our baskets.  The tabouleh will use up a bunch of our tomatoes and more mint.  I may make fresh hummus, or I might use store-bought stuff, depending on the way the week goes.  Maizie, my 10-year-old, loves to make hummus, so I may put her in charge of it.  We'll see.

Tzaziki sauce

And on Friday, we'll be having an oh-so-healthy dinner of scones (the deep-fried variety!) and strawberry freezer jam.

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  1. So, glad you enjoyed the Strawberry Vanilla Bean jam, it's my fav! :)