Saturday, March 30, 2013

Cooking and swinging

Today the littles helped me with making two lemon icebox pies and some cookies for Easter.  The cookies were from a mix because I wanted something that would be easy for them to do.  They had a blast making them, and once they were cooled and frosted, they took two big plates of them over to a neighborhood nursing home.  After that, Curtis took them to the park for a little while, and Thalia was over the moon! It was her first time to go there.

Thalia was quite intent on managing the cookie scooper on her own

Maizie is waiting patiently for her turn

Baking pride!

Jack and Beck team up on the lime cookies

Beck's a pro!

Cora and Sofie arrange the vanilla wafers for the lemon icebox pies

Lemon icebox pie

Here's a short video of Thalia swinging at the park with a little help from some siblings.  I think she might have liked it.  ;o)

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