Monday, March 11, 2013

Joshua's email - 3/11/13

This week has been CRAZY! Dang!  I'm having a hard time remembering everything that happened this past week, but I'll do my best. :p

Last Monday, we had to take the Oak Creek elders all over the place because the sisters had to take their van (we call it the fun bus!).  We played volleyball for a couple hours with the zone, and we went shopping at Woodmans, the BEST GROCERY STORE ON EARTH!  I love that place! I spent $45 so I'd be loaded up on all the food I need for the next few weeks!  We also went to GNC, where Elder A and I talked to a HUGE bodybuilder. He actually just got back from his second competition.  His neck was the size of my waist!!!!! We talked to him about supplements, and he talked Elder A into buying $90 worth of supplements.... Hahahaha

On Tuesday, we had Zone Training Meeting.  Elder A got SMACKED DOWN by one of the sisters... HAHAHAHA it was hilarious!  Someone asked if we should invite people to read the Book of Mormon from the VERY beginning (including the testimonies) or if we should invite them to begin from 1 Nephi 1.  Elder A gave a really profound answer about how he thinks that 1. You should follow the Spirit, but 2. Generally, you want to start them in 1 Nephi 1, because that way they'll gain their own desire to continue reading, and the actual chapters in the Book of Mormon is what will convert, the testimonies are supplemental.  A particular sister in the zone then stood up and replied, "On page 110 of Preach My Gospel, it specifically says we should invite them to read from the very beginning, including the testimonies!"  She stated this in a bible-bashing manner, so the missionaries were very taken back by it and Elder A was stunned.  Honestly, neither of the answers were wrong, but it was just funny to see how heated the discussion became.  Elder A then stood up and jokingly said, "Well of the small amount that I HAVE read from Preach My Gospel, I think it suggests that all of the information can and should be adjusted to the needs of the investigator."  Everyone found that to be pretty funny, and it sort of broke the fire between them, so I think it was good.  Hahahaha, I honestly thought it was pretty hilarious though, and I had to share that!

We had a couple appointments planned for after ZTM, but they had to be cancelled because we made it back from the meeting late. :(  We're still working with D and C though, and hopefully they can be taught soon.

We had a lesson with D and with a member, and it seems like we'll be needing to work with D a little more to help him gain a testimony.  We were talking about recognizing and understanding revelation from the Spirit, and he told us that he believed we were called by God through a prophet.  His exact words were, "I know that you guys are telling the truth because the Spirit just literally exudes from you guys.  I asked him why he felt he was lead to us (the missionaries) a couple weeks ago and then he replied, "well I feel like God lead me to you guys to help you!"  He said it jokingly, but we agreed that he was most likely being serious.  He talks about some "spiritual experiences" he's had back in his heroine days, and so he feels pretty special that he's been so close to God.  So we'll have to work with him and see what we can do.  His mom still seems very very solid though.  She's currently on vacation, and she took the Book of Mormon with her so that she could read it!

Anyway, that's about it for this week.  Other than that, I got a phone call from President Jones on Saturday night.  I got emergency transferred to Elkhorn because a couple missionaries decided to go home a little early.  So I'm no longer with Elder A!  I loved that kid!  But I'm now with Elder P! A farm kid from a tiny town in Oregon.  He's JACKED!!! We have a lot in common, so we're really excited and we're ready to work HARD.  I've only been here 16 hours so far, and I can already tell I'm going to LOVE IT! and the ward is AWESOME!!!!~  I'll give you more on Elkhorn next week though!!!!

Love you all, and talk to you soon!  We have permission from the First Presidency to email people outside of our families now, so feel free to email me if you want!!

Elder Whicker

Elder G (first companion), Joshua, Elder C from Miles City!

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