Sunday, March 17, 2013

Maizie's 11th birthday

Maizie's actual birthday is on the 19th, but following our family tradition of celebrating on Sundays (because everyone's home!), we celebrated today.  She'll be going out to dinner with Curtis and me on Friday, and she also gets to skip school on Tuesday and go to Billings with us when I take Jonah and Ethan to the orthodontist and Thalia to the pediatric dentist.

Maizie's favorite meal is mushroom stroganoff, so that's what we had for lunch, along with fruit salad, green salad and rolls.  Zoe made a funfetti cake for dessert.  Maizie got some cash from her grandpas, a church outfit, a puzzle, and her favorite - a cell phone!  Before anyone jumps down my throat for giving an 11-year-old a cell phone, I have 2 things to say:  1) Maizie is among the most mature, responsible and helpful children in our family, and 2) this is Joshua's line, which we are paying for anyway while he's on his mission.  I always cringe when I see young kids with cell phones, but we know that Maizie will act responsibly with hers and that she can be trusted with it.

Maizie has grown into such an amazing young woman from the 8.5 month old that joined our family 10+ years ago.  She is smart, talented, funny, honest, trustworthy, a hard worker, and someone who tries her best in all that she does.  She always tries to include others and make them feel special, and is great at seeing the good in others.  She is a wonderful example to everyone in our family.

Maizie at 4 months


A card from Grandpa W.

One day Ethan will be sorry for making this face in every picture we have of him.  Like on the day of his wedding reception.  ;o)

Thalia's going to think every Sunday is a birthday since her "birthday" was last week, Maizie's was today, and we'll celebrate Cora's in two weeks! 
Loundia and Lily

A new dress and sweater for church!

Sweet Maizie :o)

Her reaction when she realized she was getting a phone! 

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