Monday, March 18, 2013

Joshua's email - 3/18/13


Elkhorn has been awesome!  I LOVE Elder P!!!! Dang!!! He's from a tiny town in Oregon, and grew up on a farm.  So he's a hardworking BOSS, and we get along really really well.  We laugh a lot and we both teach together really well, so that's good!  Even though I've been pretty lucky with good companions, he's definitely my favorite companion that I've had so far!

Elder P and I both DESTROYED our week's goals for this past week!  We doubled our goals, so that was really cool too see.  I know it's not about the numbers, but we were really glad to have so many lessons this past week.  We found three new investigators, so that was pretty cool.  One of the investigators, T, has a member friend who is in the military and currently deployed, but he'll be back in a month or so.  We're really hoping we can start working with T! He's very solid, and he's got a family, so that would be SWEET if we can start teaching all of them!

We met a bunch of partmember and less active families last week, and we're beginning to teach a couple of them, so that's AWESOME!!  I already love all of the people I've met here so far, so that's really good! The ward is really supportive of the missionaries!  Our ward mission leader is the bishops son, who returned from a mission in Brazil a few years ago.  He's HILARIOUS, and he's really helpful.

 Elder P and his last companion got a referral for a couple named J and T, so they started teaching them a couple weeks ago!  We hit a bump in the road with them a few days ago, but they're still progressing.  T was starting to think that becoming a member wasn't right for him.  J, on the other hand, has begun reading the Book of Mormon and has prayed about it.  She says that she's received an answer to know that it's true.  DANG!!!  So we talked to them about faith from Alma 32, and they decided we could keep meeting with them.  THANK GOODNESS!  They came to church yesterday and that was SWEET!! It made me want to cry seeing them dressed up at church! They looked like they've been members their entire lives!!! They're going to be baptized very soon!!! I wish you all could meet them because they are the most humble, loving, kindest people I've ever met in my entire life!!!!

That's pretty much all that happened this week.  We had a very interesting lesson with a former investigator named M.  You'll have to ask my mom about it if you want to hear about it, because I'd rather not email it out to everyone.  Hahahahahaha... We'll just say that lessons like that don't happen every day here in Wisconsin....

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Email or write me if you get a chance! I love getting mail!  And thank you for all the support!


Elder Whicker

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