Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Getting there...

Today started bright and early with medical appointments for me, Curtis and Joshua. After getting our TB tests and labwork done, I picked up our pets vaccination certificates and went to the police station (for the third time in two days) to pick up our clearance letters. I tried to do this last night when ingot fingerprinted for my Minnesota child abuse clearance, but they'd forgotten the letters needed to be notarized. This time they were right, thankfully!

Just as I was headed to the post office to mail several packets of info, my homestudy agency called to say that there was yet another form for me to fill out for Minnesota, and this time they were sure. I printed it (and ended up NOT needing the dang fingerprints!) and mailing everything at the same time. I also dropped off our guardianship form to my sister and her husband. There's a special place in Heaven for people willing to take on an instant huge family!

Now I'm headed home to do another adoption class.

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