Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Weekly menu

I'm a little late posting this, but I've been enjoying the more laid-back pace of my life since we're in the eye of the paperchasing storm for the moment. For the moment. ;o)

The past weekend's Bountiful Baskets have left us awash in squash, mango and cucumbers, in particular, and we also loaded up on tomatoes, bok choy, lettuce, spinach, bananas, apples and oranges, among other things. I also had some stuff left from the previous week since we had a few cheater dinners when I was still frantically doing paperwork.

Last night we had this yummy meal. Everything in the salad came from Bountiful Baskets except the olive oil - cucumbers, tomatoes, lemon rind and juice, radishes, green peppers, onions, mint. It was yummy, but the chickpea-apricot couscous was to die for. I used to make something similar in our pre-vegan days with shredded chicken, but this is even better. Yum.

As for the Qdoba-style burritos, I'll be grilling up our summer squash and zucchini (I just love having those things in the dead of winter!) and piling them onto big tortillas with black beans, lime rice, guacamole and sour cream. I can't wait!

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