Sunday, February 5, 2012

I wish I had a picture...

Today was one of those rare blissful days where everything pretty much went perfectly. Except for the fact that I was still making key lime pie when everyone was leaving for church (because I HAD to get it cooling in the fridge so it would be edible by lunch time!) it was just a great day.

At church, I looked down the pew in one direction and saw one of my 13-year-old twin boys rubbing Cora's back and comforting her when she was upset. Just beyond him, Zoe was sitting next to Jackson, who tends to get a little wild, and was keeping him quiet. At the other end, Loundia and Lily were sitting reverently together, and Maizie was whispering about wanting to get up and share her testimony, but being too scared. I had Beck snuggled up to me, and Sofie was sitting quietly on Curtis' lap.

After church, we had a yummy Haitian lunch that was thrown together quickly because I had so many helpers. We had a meaningful Family Home Evening about the power of prayer in our lives, and then everyone ate pie and pitched in to help clean up the lunch mess. A solid hour of quiet time afterward put me in a very good mood indeed.

There are so many times that I notice sweet little moments in my family. I try to focus on them and press them into my memory like snapshots stuck to those old school sticky-page photo albums. For all the chaos that sometimes erupts around here, we get our share of wonder-moments, too.

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  1. Hi Tana! I came here via RR on the new commitments page, which I check almost daily! I was so pleasantly surprised to see a fellow MT resident listed! I live in Billings, and can't wait to follow your journey to get your daughter!