Monday, February 27, 2012

Homestudy visits - finished!

Last Saturday and Sunday we met with our social worker to finish up our four required homestudy visits. If you ever want your social worker to see the "real you," just invite her to have breakfast with you in a hotel breakfast room. Yikes! We had children all over the breakfast room with pile of bagels and cinnamon rolls and fruit and bowls of cereal. ;o)

I was a bit worried over the fuss we were making to find vegetarian options for the kids (they make their own food choices when we're away from home) and vegan options for Curtis, Maizie and me. I was concerned that the social worker might have a negative opinion of vegetarianism/veganism, so we were all delighted when she told us she's been a vegetarian for 18 years. We were also relieved when we learned she has LDS family. Given that we can't even apply for grants with most "Christian" adoption grant organizations because of our faith, we were grateful to know that she had a good understanding of our beliefs.

She told us she'd begin working on writing up our homestudy within the next two weeks. I know this is fast compared to many social workers' speeds, but our old social worker used to work on them immediately. In fact, she would have had it essentially written after the first visit, and would then add information from the reference letters and the additional visits to finish it up. Since we're still waiting on our passports and a couple of other documents, I guess it's OK. I'm just not good at being patient, especially now that we can no longer send in our I800A without the homestudy. We used to be able to send the I600A separately. Gah. Patience, Tana, Patience.

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