Monday, May 7, 2012

And a happy hubby birthday!

I may have mentioned, the only months we get birthday breaks are February, November and December.  And we've further complicated our birthday schedule by promising Sofie nearly a year ago that she could have a birthday party before school gets out, since it's so hard to pull one off over the summer when so many people are on vacation.  (Her real birthday is June 26.)  So with Jackson and Curtis a mere 4 days apart, and Sofie's party tomorrow, it's been interesting.

Anyway, here are a couple of pictures from Curtis' big day.  He's 44, which is nuts!  We both feel better and are in better shape than our younger selves did/were, so I'm rather enjoying this decade.  And I'll always be three years behind Curtis, which is somewhat consoling.  ;o)

His dad gave him some birthday money, which he used to buy some freeline skates.  I bought him a couple of badly needed summer outfits.  He got strawberry shortcake for his "cake."  I think he was pretty happy.  :o)  I love that man!

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