Saturday, May 12, 2012

Joshua graduates! Again!

It was just a year ago that Joshua graduated from high school, but because he took many summer college classes and college credit honors classes in high school, he was able to graduate with his associate of science degree today.  He'll leave for his two-year church mission late this summer, and then hopes to transfer to BYU when he gets home in 2014.  (Gulp.)

He graduated with a 3.8, but wasn't able to be listed as graduating with honors since he wasn't a full-time student there for two years.  We didn't really think that seemed fair, but it is what it is.

It was a great day, especially because Teffy was able to come from Billings and be there with us.  This, combined with our getting our I-797 today helped make this a wonderful day!

Here are some pictures.  I am one proud mommy!

Check out the guy with the cowboy hat in front of Joshua.  You know you're in Montana when...

I think he's happy!

Joshua with his middle eastern cultures instructor

Joshua and my dad

Curtis and me with our firstborn in the wilderness  ;o) 
Jaime's thumbing her nose at the whole affair

Jaime, Maizie and Jonah

Our celebratory lunch at Mexico Lindo!  Jonah, Beck, Zoe, M, Joshua

Ethan and Jonah

Curtis and Cora


Uncle Jay and my dad

My mom and aunt Jaime

M and Joshua - adorable, aren't they?

cousin Kalei and Sofie

Lovely Lily

Teffy and me

Jackson and Curtis

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