Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sofie's soiré

Sofie's birthday party turned out great, in large part because my awesome friend C who works at Pizza Hut, made it so.  She gave the girls fun crafts to do while we waited for our food, kept the drinks flowing, and took care of all the mess for us.  It was by far the easiest and smoothest birthday party we've ever had (and you know we've had a lot!), and the cost was very low.  I even got to enjoy my own cheese-less veggie pizza.

Sofie was thrilled to have a good turnout and stayed up way too late last night playing with all her goodies.  I'm glad we let her have an early party so that so many kids would be able to come.  And I'm just as glad that the "when are we going to have my party" pestering will cease for a while - at least from one kiddo!  ;o)

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