Friday, June 22, 2012

An "ahhhhh" kind of day

Today was a great day. Five of our older kids are on the Martin's Cove handcart trek in Wyoming, so it's been relatively quiet. I went to the grocery store, and while I was gone, Joshua took care of the little ones, made lunch and did laundry. He also put away all the groceries so I could go out to lunch with my sister. This afternoon I made a ton of chocolate chip cookies, and then we went to Jackson and Beck's t-ball game, and then out to dinner at Mexico Lindo. Sofie's birthday is coming up on Tuesday, so we had them do the birthday song to embarrass her. ;o) We also teased her about having to wear the "lice hat," but she loved it all the same.

Tomorrow our big kids will be coming home late, stinking of smoke and a shower-less three days. Laundry will be especially delightful. ;o) We're celebrating Sofie's birthday on Sunday, so I'll have a cake to bake and presents to wrap, in addition to all the laundry and housecleaning and Bountiful Baskets stuff. I don't really enjoy our Saturdays. Too much work! Maybe that's why today seemed especially blissful.

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