Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekly menu

I'm posting this in the car on the way home from Great Falls, so I'm sorry it's not in the usual format. My 21 and 16 year old daughters picked up our Bountiful Baskets while we were gone, and sent me the list of what we got so I could plan. I love when people realize how I subsist on routines. ;)

Here's what we got:

3 pineapple
12 tomatoes
30 bananas
6 honeydew
3 bunches of kale
5 cucumbers
20-ish green apples
20-ish plums
9 acorn squash
15 mangoes
3 heads lettuce
3 bunches celery

we still have carrots, mangos, melon, oranges, apples, cherry tomatoes and one pineapple from last week.

And here's my menu for the week. If anyone wants recipes, just let me know!

Mon lunch - quesadillas, celery/pb, apple, kale chips
Mon dinner - chickpea - apricot couscous, cucumber-tomato-mint salad
Tues lunch - uncrustables, carrots, plum, yogurt
Tues dinner - barley-bean-corn burritos (we didn't end up eating this last week), pineapple
Weds lunch - noodles w/ peanut sauce, snow peas, orange
Weds dinner - salad bar
Thurs lunch - hummus, pita chips, carrots, honeydew, fruit rope
Thurs dinner - plantain, black beans, mango salsa, rice, acorn squash
Fri lunch - chili, fritos, cheese, cucumbers, banana
Fri dinner - pizza/out
Sat lunch - chick'n tenders, tater tots, leftover fruit
Sat dinner - Asian noodles

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