Monday, June 4, 2012

My birthday

Even though my birthday is tomorrow, we celebrated my birthday yesterday because everyone is always home on Sundays.  It was a great day, complete with one of my favorite meals (beer-battered avocado tacos), marble birthday cake, and some really nice gifts.  Mostly it was wonderful to have my whole family around me.  In two months, Teffy will be back in Billings, and shortly after that, Joshua will be on his mission.  We don't have much time left, so these opportunities are especially meaningful to me.

Curtis gave me a cute outfit and some accessories, and Zoe gave me a really cool sushi painting for the kitchen.  Zoe's and Joshua's friend, L, came over to celebrate with us, and he gave me a beautiful pinecone necklace.  Even though it was just something he thought I might like, I was THRILLED with it because I've been looking for a piece of jewelry to wear while we wait for Thalia.  I've done this with our other adoptions, but I just couldn't find the right thing.  Thalia's Chinese name means pinecone, so this necklace is just the perfect thing.  :o)

Forty-one, baby!

Sofie making her creepy face, along with our friend L (the giver of the necklace) 
Zoe in a rare shot without the hand block  ;o)

My new hat!

I really need to quit smiling like that...

Sushi painting Zoe made for me for the kitchen.  Love it!

Cora gave me this tiny puppy in a very large bag.  

Cora and Maizie

My pinecone necklace :o)

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