Sunday, June 3, 2012

Recital 2012!

I said this on Facebook last night, but every time I go to one of my children's performances, whether it's a game or a dance or piano recital or gymnastics exhibition or a choir or band concert, I always feel overwhelming gratitude that I get to be the mom of all these wonderful children.  It's as if being a spectator allows me to see them through new eyes.  They aren't the same little souls who often get underfoot or sometimes backtalk or wet the bed or try my patience in myriad other ways.  They're amazing children of God, children of mine, and in many cases, children of others.  I always wish that their first parents could see them during these special times - see how smart and funny and talented and unique they each are.  Of all of our kids, we only know and have contact with one birthparent (Jackson and Loundia's Haitian mother).  I send her pictures and letters all the time, and we plan to visit as soon as we're able, but the chances that we'll have this kind of relationship with any of other other children's first families is pretty much nonexistent.  That makes me so sad.

Here are some photos of my sweet kiddos.  I just love them so much.
A bevy of costumes!

Pre-recital poses
Beautiful Maizie

This is Maizie laughing because she could hear her family members screaming her name.  I LOVE this picture!
Jackson doing the coffee grinder

Jackson getting down, with Beck in line waiting his turn

Cora (middle) doing her tap number.  We had to pull her out of dance last year because she was too scared to participate.  What a change a year makes!

Lily (second from left) doing her jazz piece

Loundia (she's easy to spot - the Haitian kid with the caucasian nylons - ack!)

Sofie's ballet piece

Sofie's tap piece

Loundia's ballet piece


Cora's ballet piece

Maizie's jazz piece

Sofie's ballet piece

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  1. I know what you mean. I do that too (feel amazed by my kids and so grateful when they are showing off their skills).

    You kids are so cute. And holy cow--I think Lily looks like Sahara. At least she did in these photos.