Saturday, June 16, 2012

Weekly menu

Our Bountiful Baskets were great today!  I actually planned my menu ahead of time with a couple of back-up ideas in mind in case I didn't get all the needed ingredients, but we ended up with plenty to work with!

Here's what we got:

flat of blueberries (I'll be making a boatload of muffins)
mini watermelon
red grapes
spaghetti squash
Romaine lettuce

Plus I still have this stuff from the last couple of weeks:

acorn squash
red pears
sugar snap peas

I'm going to have to be really good about remembering to tell the kids to eat mangos, pears and plums/pluots/apricots for snacks.  We keep apples, bananas and oranges in the pantry because they go so fast, but I tend to forget about the stuff in the fridge if it's not planned for a meal.

Here's the menu for the coming week.

And here are the recipes:

Black bean enchiladas verde
Grilled orange-glazed squash
Naan (I'll use soy milk and egg replacer in this recipe)
Korean BBQ tofu
Stromboli (this uses Gardein beef less tips, which we have a bulk box of in the freezer)

I normally make my own sauce for lettuce wraps, but this time I bought a couple of packets of stuff that you mix with soy sauce and sugar.  I'll let you know how it compares to the homemade sauce.  I mix Yves soy crumbles with the sauce, plus add rice noodles, green onion and grated carrots.

For the Rogan Josh, I'm using jarred sauce and soy curls.  I'll dump both in the crock pot and let it simmer.  I usually make my own rajma, but I bought packaged rajma this time.  So all I'll have to do is make the naan and cut up the mangos.

The kimchi on Wednesday is some that I made a couple of months ago from Bountiful Baskets napa cabbage.

A couple other notes - we go to the summer matinee series every wednesday morning, so I pack a lunch/movie treat for the kids to eat while we're there.  This isn't something we could get away with in a big city, but our theater is pretty lenient about bringing stuff in (except bottles of pop or water that could hurt someone if thrown.  I'm guessing this rule comes from experience? ;o)  )

And on Wednesday night, our 12-and-older kids will be getting ready for the big Martin's Cove handcart trek.  That means we'll be missing 5 kids for a few days.  Should be interesting!

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